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LAZZARO® DURAEDGE® fine bone china products are up to twice as strong in comparison to regular bone china, new bone china and porcelain as well as 30% lighter than porcelain. Our DURAEDGE® Technology, used on selected LAZZARO® products, ensures scratch and chip resistance, meaning fewer replacements and offering our commercial clients value for money without cutting corners on quality.

LAZZARO® products marked with our DURAEDGE® stamp are designed to withstand some of toughest conditions and remain resilient, outperforming most other products available. We are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a Lifetime Edge Chip Warranty on our DURAEDGE® collections. Compliant with international standards [British BS5416 and European BSEN1900]. LAZZARO® provides a Lifetime Edge Chip Warranty on this select hospitality collection so you can serve your guests with confidence.


Products Covered

  • 1.1 This warranty is applicable only to LAZZARO® DURAEDGE® products (“Specified Products”), offered when solely used for commercial purposes within commercial kitchens.
  • 1.2 This warranty includes both relevant white crockery and decorative crockery options, within the stated selected ranges. A full list of all products currently covered by this warranty is available on request.

Period of Cover

  • 2.1 Specified Products that are covered under this warranty are covered for Lifetime from date of the invoice of original order whilst the product is in use by the original registered purchaser.
  • 2.2 This warranty is non-transferable and non-assignable. Therefore, any transfer or assignment of the product(s) from the original registered purchaser to any third party shall result in the cancellation of this warranty.

Coverage Terms and Conditions

  • 3.1 The warranty only applies to new Specified Products from the date on the invoice and is only valid upon presentation of the original invoice and registration document by the original registered purchaser.
  • 3.2 The warranty covers edge chips that occur during “normal professional food service use,” which includes refrigeration, serving, washing and secure storage used in accordance LAZZARO® handling and care instructions.
  • 3.3 “Normal professional food use” only covers refrigeration, serving, washing, and secure storage as set out in our handling and care instructions. Usage with an oven, under a flame or heating element, under a grill, or/and pizza oven are excluded.
  • 3.4 This warranty is only applicable to edge-chips, and it does not extend to other types of breakages, mishandling, neglect, negligence, use of corrosive chemicals, non-standard or improper use. Complete or partial breakages of Specified Products are excluded from this warranty. Any such unauthorised use shall result in the immediate loss of the warranty.
  • 3.5 Breakage, damage, or edge chips that are caused by shipping or during shipping are the sole responsibility of the shipping company.
  • 3.6 Any use of LAZZARO® products not in accordance with their care and handling instructions or used not for their intended purpose shall result in immediate loss of the warranty.
  • 3.7 The warranty does not apply to any type of damage that is due to fire, flood, or any other unusual natural event, or an act of god.
  • 3.8 Validity of the claim is at the sole discretion of Arta Broch Ceramics Private Limited.
  • 3.9 Arta Broch Ceramics Private Limited reserves the right to inspect the damaged products, therefore:
    • 3.9.1 Items subject to a claim must be retained and returned for inspection when requested for.
    • 3.9.2 Return freight is the responsibility of the original registered purchaser upon making the claim.
    • 3.9.3 The venue / site of damage should be open for inspection by a representative of LAZZARO®.
    • 3.9.4 Arta Broch Ceramics Private Limited reserves the right to check whether the chip originated during normal use by checking the defective products in situ or requesting the return of the entire product for assessment if required, freight at the cost of the original registered purchaser.
  • 3.10 Any claim/s will be valid only when made by the original registered customer at the location stated in the original registration.
  • 3.11 In the case of a valid claim, and at the discretion of Arta Broch Ceramics Private Limited, the products shall be replaced under following conditions:
    • 3.11.1 Replacements will be shipped and the freight prepaid by the original registered purchaser.
    • 3.11.2 Period of delivery is 60 days from the date the claim has been approved as valid, subject to availability of the products.
    • 3.11.3 In the event that the item is no longer available, an equivalent or similar product will be offered.
    • 3.11.4 Products that are returned as damaged are then deemed the property of Arta Broch Ceramics Private Limited
  • 3.12 In the event of a successful claim, the original warranty will be null and void.
  • 3.13 The warranty is subject to the laws of India.
  • 3.14 Arta Broch Ceramics Private Limited, reserves the right to change warranty conditions at any time with 30 days written notice.


  • 4.1 For your purchase to be covered under the warranty, the original registered purchaser must ensure that the registration form must be completed at the time of the purchase.
  • 4.2 If this registration is not completed, as prescribed, any and all claims under this warranty will be considered invalid.
  • 4.3 Once a warranty is registered a unique numbered copy of the warranty registration document will be then returned to the original registered purchaser to keep on file.


  • 5.1 The warranty does not include chips/breakage/cracking to the handle, knobs, lugs on mugs, jugs, cups, tea/coffee pots and other hollowware items.
  • 5.2 The warranty does not include chips/breakage/cracking to the verges of tea/coffee pots, spouts of tea/coffee pots/jugs.
  • 5.3 The warranty does not include chips/breakage/cracking/ damage to the decal and/or decoration applied on the crockery.
  • 5.4 All exclusions stated within the warranty apply.
  • 5.5 Arta Broch Ceramics Private Limited does not make any other guaranties expressed or implied, except as set forth in this above warranty.