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Care Guide


Handwash Only

  • Gold or Platinum decorated pieces
  • Large Solid objects

Above items should NOT be cleaned in the Dishwasher and require careful handwashing.

Dishwasher Dafe

  • Items without Gold or Platinum
  • All dishwashing equipment should be maintained, checked, and serviced regularly
  • Only use detergents that are specifically recommended by the dishwasher manufacturer

Scraping & Pre-rinsing Protocol

Our Fine Bone China products are dishwasher safe and extremely durable, but they still need to be loaded into racks with due care and attention.

  • 70% of damage/loss occurs at the dishwasher table. Therefore, please ensure the dishwasher table has sufficient space to store dirty items
  • Avoid stacking dirty china and some products should never be stacked like mugs, nesting items
  • Do not mix cutlery and ceramics together when cleaning
  • Remove left-over food immediately after use and rinse. Certain foods and food acids can cause staining if left to stand for long periods
  • Please ensure the water used is not too hot as this may bake-on leftovers
  • Never use abrasive cleaning aids, i.e. scouring pads, steel wool, etc. to remove stains. These will permanently scratch the item’s surface, increasing the possibility of future staining

Loading The Dishwasher

  • Take due care when loading items and avoid overloading trays or trolleys to prevent impact damage
  • Take due care when arranging and stacking the items in the dishwasher, to avoid chips and cracks from occurring
  • Never mix china, glass, and metal in the dishwasher - reduces the chances of chipping, breakage, and metal marking
  • Ensure that same shaped and sized items are stacked together - never mix plates of different diameters or profiles
  • Do not cover the dishwasher spray arms

Preventing Scratches

  • Scratches most often appear in the centre of the surface of a plate
  • Please avoid rubbing and scuffing when stacking plates to protect the glazing
  • Never slide tableware across each other - always lift and place products to reduce abrasions, damage, and breakage


Our Fine Bone China products are dishwasher safe and extremely durable, but they still need to be loaded into racks with due care and attention.

  • Always ensure that there is adequate storage space available, particularly in the dirty dish area
  • Never stack hot wet china
  • Never stack items that were not designed to be stacked
  • To avoid marks and damage ensure that china is stored on high-grade stainless-steel shelves with appropriate shelf mats
  • Ensure that Fine Bone China, metallic items, and glassware are stored separately
  • Never over stack - the more plates in the pile, the greater the pressure and the greater risk of scratches and metal markings
  • Never stack our items with products from another supplier
  • Heavier items should be stacked ascending to lighter items for stacking success
  • Never slide plates against one another when stacking, always place plates into stacks
  • Check stock regularly and allow for stock rotation to prevent overuse and prevent uneven wear
  • Do not stack more than 15 inches high. Ideally, each plate should be protected by an insert

Avoid Metal Markings

  • Metal marking occurs when small black marks appear on the surface of a ceramic product usually when two hard materials rub against each other causing them to scratch. This can be caused by cutlery as well as other metal surfaces such as a dishwasher and drainers

The impact of metal marking can vary depending on the following:

  • Cheap quality cutlery will be softer and therefore more susceptible to leaving marks
  • Dishwashers, draining surfaces, metal worktops, or careless stacking can cause dragging or scuffing
  • A high-quality fine glaze will be smoother and flatter and less likely to pick up metal marking
  • Never place hot wet dishes into contact with aluminium surfaces
  • Never stack hot wet plates, allow plates to dry before storing
  • Never push plates into a stack
  • Ensure excessive pressure on the surface of the product is avoided

Removing Metal Marks

Metal marks can usually be successfully removed by rubbing with - vinegar, a mild bleach solution, diluted lemon juice and proprietary cleaners.