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Our Story

Across various cultures, we’ve seen Fine Bone China been passed down through generations with pride, as an alluring heirloom. The beauty, the elegance and the aesthetics of Fine Bone China has influenced the taste of many through centuries.

However, dining habits continue to evolve with the sensibilities of a modern generation, who values authenticity and sustainability in equal measure. LAZZARO is for those who dare to dream, who bravely fulfil their aspirations, whilst being aware of the heritage that has brought them here today. LAZZARO reflects the tastes of those discerning individuals who seek out imaginative experiences, so that they can create a beautiful yet unassuming world for themselves.

Reflecting the tastes of individuals who yearn for genuineness and imagination, LAZZARO Fine Bone China is modern tableware designed by contemporary artists but fashioned using traditional sustainable methods. Our entire line of designer handmade tableware has been crafted for likeminded clientele, who like us, want to honor their past by seeking to leave the world a better place than they found it.

Our Values

Our Philosophy


LAZZARO’s philosophy of bringing together the traditional and the novel, is inspired by a generation of socially motivated, environmentally conscious, original thinkers who want to build their own authentic legacy. We want to innovate in design and invigorate a passion for fine dining without simply just emulating the past, but by cherishing it and in turn building on it to create a more balanced and sustainable future. We are designing not just fine dining tableware for the future generations to inherit, but also a commitment to paying forward a better future and a safer environment.